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Cool/Rainy Season (Weekends & Holidays)

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1. 100 Entrance Vouchers will be sold per specified redemption date.
2. Vouchers may only be purchased through CME website.
3. Cool/Rainy Season special rate will run from June 18, 2018 to Feb 28, 2019
4. Modes of payment:
    >  Credit or Debit Card (thru Paypal)

 Terms and conditions of the vouchers are as follows:

1. Voucher can only be used on the specified date of redemption indicated in the Voucher.
2. The owner of the voucher must present a printed copy of the voucher and his/her valid government-issued ID or school ID for                proper identification at the resort.
3. Voucher is transferable; however, the transferee must submit a letter of authorization from the person who purchased the 
    voucher together with copies of their valid government-issued ID/ school ID.
4. No rebooking except when there are acts of God / fortuitous events or special events or scheduled special events which may       
    render the Club Manila East facilities unavailable for public use on a particular redemption date. The presence of these     
    conditional events is solely as determined by Club Manila East.
5. Absolutely no cancellation.

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