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Sunny Season (Weekends & Holidays)

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1. 100 Entrance Vouchers will be sold per specified redemption date.
2. Vouchers may only be purchased through CME website.
3. Sunny Season special rate will run from March 12 to June 15, 2018
4. Modes of payment:
    >  Credit or Debit Card (thru Paypal & GHL  Gateways)

 Terms and conditions of the vouchers are as follows:

1. Voucher can only be used on the specified date of redemption indicated in the Voucher.
2. The owner of the voucher must present a printed copy of the voucher and his/her valid government-issued ID or school ID for                proper identification at the resort.
3. Voucher is transferable; however, the transferee must submit a letter of authorization from the person who purchased the 
    voucher together with copies of their valid government-issued ID/ school ID.
4. No rebooking except when there are acts of God / fortuitous events or special events or scheduled special events which may       
    render the Club Manila East facilities unavailable for public use on a particular redemption date. The presence of these     
    conditional events is solely as determined by Club Manila East.
5. Absolutely no cancellation.

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